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Bodies by Ben LLC: Transforming Lives Through Fitness

Welcome to Bodies by Ben LLC, where we are not just a premier personal training company but a sanctuary of transformation and resilience nestled in the heart of Honolulu. Established on the potent grounds of Balad Air Base in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, our roots are deeply intertwined with strength, survival, and the spirit of community.

Our Founder

Ben Wilkison, embodied the essence of dedication and service. As a forward-deployed Field Engineer, Ben transcended the call of duty. Amidst the tumultuous fog of war, he ignited sparks of morale, unity, and wellbeing, training soldiers and marines. His sessions weren't just workouts; they were lifelines of hope, a solace that nurtured minds beleaguered by the rigors of conflict.

In 2013, the winds of passion and purpose swept Ben to the resplendent shores of Honolulu, marking the genesis of ‘The Jungle Gym’. A sanctum where discipline flourished, and lives metamorphosed, embodying the vitality of the environment it thrived in.

Times have evolved, and so have we. Now stationed at the historical Dole Cannery, Bodies by Ben LLC continues its legacy of transformative personal training with unwavering commitment and enriched vigor. Our locale has shifted, but our ethos remains steadfast - nurturing bodies and spirits with unparalleled fitness experiences and genuine care.


Your Journey Begins Here

Embark on a transformative journey with us. Unlock your true potential, experience authentic connections, and reimagine what you can achieve. Whether you are stepping into the world of fitness for the first time or seeking to elevate your performance, Ben is here, ready to guide, inspire, and empower your journey.

🌟 Exclusive Offer: We’re inviting you to experience the Bodies by Ben difference! Schedule a FREE FITNESS CONSULTATION, or reach out for a warm, informative conversation. Let’s explore how we can tailor a fitness pathway that aligns seamlessly with your unique aspirations and needs.

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Join us at Bodies by Ben LLC - where every workout is a step toward a more vibrant, resilient, and empowered you.

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650 Iwilei Rd, Honolulu,

HI 96817, USA

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